KöR Teeth Whitening

Whether you prefer to take home your teeth whitening product or prefer professional treatment, Beulah Family Dentistry offers both through the KöR Teeth Whitening system. KöR is effective in lifting stains from natural teeth.

Take-home Teeth Whitening

From the dozens of whitening strips, rinses, and pastes, to the stronger methods that administer the bleaching product through trays, there are a multitude of ways to brighten the shade of your teeth from the comfort of your home. While many products found at the grocery store have a measured amount of success, our dental professionals encourage you to consider the KöR system to achieve your desired look.

At Beulah Family Dentistry, we enjoy providing the KöR system to our patients because of the professional-grade results you will experience without needing to schedule out several visits to the office. KöR offers proven results with less sensitivity than comparable products. Because this whitening system doesn’t require the use of lasers or bleaching lights, patients experience far less tooth sensitivity from usage.

How the KöR Whitening System Works

Our first step is to customize the whitening trays to provide comfort and accuracy during treatment. These trays and the whitening gel are brought home for you to apply at your leisure. To start treatment, fill your custom-fit trays with the whitening gel, then place them over your teeth to wear while asleep. Continue this treatment for two weeks and you can expect your teeth to be an average of 16 shades whiter. Touch-up treatments to maintain your bright smile are recommended periodically.

There are some other aspects that make KöR users so pleased with the product. One is how effective the system is at handling intrinsic staining. Intrinsic discoloration occurs under the layer of enamel, making it difficult for simple whiteners to lift the stains. When using less effective take-home whiteners, saliva eventually interacts with the gels, diminishing the effectiveness of the bleach and not delivering the full desired effect. Because the KöR trays seal the teeth off from saliva, the gel can work toward whitening the toughest to reach stains.

KöR is not only effective in lifting stains from natural teeth, but it also works well in restoring the porcelain white color of restorative work such as bridges, crowns, or composite fillings.

Contact us at Beulah Family Dentistry so our dentists can recommend the whitening system that will give you the best results.